CRT Monitor Action Set

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A Photoshop Action set to simulate a CRT monitor effect, with a specific focus on reproducing well in black and white for print.

Developed in collaboration with MS Harkness for her graphic novel, Time Under Tension.



Double click the Action set to add all actions into their own action folder.

To Prep for Use:

The Primary CRT Effect is a multifunctional action that can semi-intelligently tell how you like to structure your layers.

So try the Primary Action first. It can accomodate Flattened layers (just black and white), layers with transparency,

layers with masks, or layers with selections.

If it fails, for whatever reason, try the simple version. This will require STARTING with a flattened layer with everything

on it that you want to apply the effect to. This can be in color. If it's in black and white, it can't just be black on transparency,

it needs to be flattened to black on white.

Ignore the actions that say IGNORE, they are utilities for the Primary action.

Tips for use:

If you change the scale of the mosaic filter, change the scale of the CRT pattern by an equal percentage. Then they will continue to fit.

You can change any of the prompted filters after the fact, so don't feel a need to commit immediately. The filters will all be

applied to a smart object.

This will not get rid of your original artwork. To try over, delete the HH CRT Effect folder and select your original lineart layer.

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CRT Monitor Action Set

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